Miho Imamura ,D.D.S

M.I.H.O. Orthodontic dentistry clinic director
Representative of M.I.H.O co., Ltd and MIHO Preventive dental laboratory.

What M.I.H.O. aims at

changing from “treatment” to “prevention” ! Japanese life expectancy is 83 years old. It’s a world’s best longevity.
But it is said that it is until 76 years old that most people can live in the health.
In other words,76-83 years old is the periods which cannot live healthily!
So it’s important to determine the state of your body on a daily.And it’s an ideal to live a healthy life not to depend on medicine.
M.I.H.O. think it’s happy that everyone is able to do the assistant who can live a healthy life by a smiling face.
To what is available to us for now and the future?
In order to contribute to the personal and social,M.I.H.O wants to be always an acting group through dental medical treatment.

Educational background and career


1986 Nippon dental university graduated
1988 Japan university orthodontic course graduated
1996 DesMoines Collage(DMACC) graduated
2014 PhD from Yamanashi University medical PhD course graduation on growth study

■Professional Experience

1986 Japanese national dentist licence received
1986-1996 Ohno Orthodontic Clinic (Yokohama Japan)
1987-2003 Imamura clinical dental institute (family clinic in Kofu Japan)
1988-2002 Preventive dental research and study at DesMoines Collage(DMACC) Iowa USA
2003-2009 M.I.H.O. orthodontic clinic (private clinic in Nakakomagun Ymanashi Japan)
2010- M.I.H.O. orthodontic clinic (private clinic in Kofu Yamanashi Japan)
2014- second orthodontic clinic (practice branch in Tokyo Japan)

■Association Experence

1997-2007 Orthodontic seminar translator [Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS Seminar) in Japan]
Number of attendees 39
2008- Orthodontic seminar presenter [MIHO Orthodontic Seminars (MOS Seminar)]
Number of attendees 51
2008- Myofunctional Therapy seminar presenter [MFT Seminar]
Number of attendees 127
9/9-13/2015 “AAMS First Congress: Long term stability for orthodontic cases with MFT
7/24/2016 MFT seminar in KOREA : MyoFunctional Orthodontics
11/18-20/2016 BIT’s 3rd Annual World Congress of Oral Dental Medicine-2016 : Myofunctional Orthodontics treatment with MFT for the long term stability
12/17-18/2016 MFT seminar in Latvia : Myofunctional Orthodontics treatment with MFT for the long term stability
3/1-5/2017 The 2nd AAMS Congress : Myofunctional Orthodontics treatment with MFT for the long term stability
9/5-10/2018 The 3rd AAMS Congress : Functional Orthodontics Approach with Upper jaw Expansion & MFT Helps for the Mouth Breather

Related Experence (membership)

1986- Alexander study club Japan member (2012-2013 president)
1988- Japan orthodontic association member
1988- Japan adult orthodontic association member
1991- American Association of orthodontists member
2000- A certisfied dentist of Japan adult orthodontic association
2000- Board member and established member of MFT Japanese association
2007- A specialist of Japan adult orthodontic association
2013- A certisfied dentist of Japan orthodontic association
2016- An exective member of Japan adult orthodontic association


“Oral MyoFunctional Therapy” by Mr.& Mrs.Zickefoose
Translated with three other Othodontists 1989

“Cinical Oral MyoFunctional Therapy (MFT)” Swallowing Problems Chewing For Aging People 1998

MIHO Orthodontic Enlightenment school